Dinosaur Diorama is one of the first production companies dedicated exclusively to new media in general, and web video in particular. We combine the capabilities of a production company, an independent studio and a network channel in order to provide quality programming. Instead of producing ‘viral videos’ that garner millions of hits but are unable to sustain a repeat audience, we focus on crafting shows targeted to our smaller but more demographically specific audience that passionately await our episodes.

We make the Webby-nominated show The Burg, the Streamy-nominated Vuguru co-production The All-For-Nots, the Streamy-nominated All’s Faire, and NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition winner Greg & Donny.

Dinosaur Diorama is Thom Woodley and Johnny North.

Thom Woodley: thom@dinosaurdiorama.com

Johnny North: johnny@dinosaurdiorama.com

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